brandnew: AmpShield®

The latest Arc Shield design of PAULSON is the AmpShield®. The AmpShield® is developed with nanotechnology and utilizes innovative strategies of design and unique materials to minimize weight, increase performance and maintain durability. The AmpShield® has 3 patents pending and will carry international patents as well.

The advantages and flexibility of the design allow variations that will fit many applications and satisfy the end user requirements of comfort, ventilation, fogging resistance and a wide field of view.


The design is based on the needs and desires of the end users. For example, do you know that one of the biggest problems for an electrician using a face shield is not to have view downwards for example to see the tools on his belt or when he works in high places? PAULSON has developed the AmpShield® to solve this problem.

The AmpShield® product line provides windows that are Polycarbonate with Premium coating to provide the best performance. The front surface is a highly abrasion resistant coating that incorporates custom additives to improve the Arc Flash protection. The interior coating incorporates a permanent anti-fog coating that is also abrasion resistant.

The AmpShield® is the result of years of intensive research and testing. The final advantage to the user is that these new designs are highly absorptive providing high levels of Arc Flash Protection with unbeatable Visible Light Transmittance (VLT). An extra-large transparent chin protector provides excellent downward vision. And, the green color of this Arc Shield maximizes visibility.

The AmpShield® can be used day in and day out in conditions from freezing winter weather to the sweltering conditions of summertime in an underground vault. The AmpShield® is ready for action 24 hours per day, rain or shine.

The AmpShield® uses the new adaptor "LeverLock™ " that allows to put on and take off a window with a single click. Thus, the shield is more comfortable and functional as ever.

The AmpShield® is available with 10 cal/cm², 12 cal/cm² and 20 cal/cm² ATPV. The helmet brackets are available for most Caps and Full Brim helmets, and the European helmet designs.

Most AmpShield® models are also tested and certified to EN 166 and GS-ET-29 Arc Protection Class 2.

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