Based on the previous successful design, PAULSON is very excited to announce the release of its new product line of highly transparent (HT™) Arc Flash protective face shields. Following our revolutionary AmpShield® product design we released three years ago, the new HT™ Arc shield is another milestone for PAULSON.


Firstly, the HT™ Arc Shield has a highly transparent grey color with improved optical properties. The HT™ Arc Shield has a scientifically proven ability of color recognition. It closely follows the Lambda curve of the human eye to allow color recognition across the visible spectrum. By capitalizing on the inherent capacity of the human eye, our product complements the natural ability of the eye to see colors.

Secondly, the performance of the Polycarbonate material is greatly upgraded with a new production process.Thus, the HT™ Arc Shield provides an improved impact resistance. Also single lens modules are now available in 40 calories, whereas the HT™ Arc shield is in general available for up to 100 calories.

Thirdly, under the enhanced material, you can also witness a long term outdoor exposure improvement of the HT™ Arc shield. It has the best performance to date at resistance to degradation in an Arc Flash enviroment.

The HT™ Arc Shields will be certified to the American standards (ASTM F2178/NFPA 70E) and the European standards (EN 166/GS-ET-29).

Please contact us for more details and price offers.