product highlight: Sun shields

Sun Shields are designed to provide additional protection from the sun, when attached to a helmet. Sun Shield models are specific to the helmet and are not interchangeable. The grey or green transparent front section allows for upward vision and the white sections provide shade for the user.

Sun Shield

PAULSON is constantly striving to improve the safety and work environment for workers around the world with innovative products. One of the products developed by PAULSON is the line of Sun Shields that provide additional shading and UV protection for workers in the outdoor work environment. PAULSON's Sun Shields have become a standard item in the United States for outdoor construction and their use is rapidly spreading by word of mouth and user acceptance. The basic concept in the design of this product was to create an item that meets the following performance requirements:

1. Sun protection from heat and UV Light
2. Lightweight design
3. Does not restrict vision when looking up
4. Secure fit to the helmet
5. Easily installed and removed from the helmet
6. Eliminate any use of fabric that could become caught in moving equipment.

The Sun Shields attach to the helmet by a clip system. The clips also connect the transparent sector to the white sectors on the sides. The end result is a product that meets all of the planned performance requirements, it is easy to install and is specific to each style of helmet. The elimination of loose fabric is very important in this design due to the danger associated with the potential of loose fabric being caught in moving machinery or snagged on sharp objects.

PAULSON's Sun Shields are specific to the helmet design and manufacturer of the helmet. This was required to provide the engineered fit of the product. The AS4 series is for Full Brim Helmets and the AS5 series is for Cap Style Helmets. Cap Style Helmets only have a brim at the front of the helmet.

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